"Your training program is
a game changer."

— John J. CIMA, Wealth Advisor

"You've set a new standard in the
financial services industry."

— Michael M., CIMA, CFP, Wealth Advisor

"A light has gone on.
I'm energized to educate
my clients and prepare them
for the inevitable."

—Thomas F., Wealth Advisor
Introducing The Institute's
HNW Generational
Wealth Transfer
Training & Speaking
The Great Wealth Transfer
Financial Advisor Training
November 1-3, 2015

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Financial Advisor Training: November 1-3

The Great Wealth Transfer:                                   Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Generational Families

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How will this program help you build your HNW business?

Today, trusted advisors prepare assets for heirs... going forward trusted FAMILY advisors will look beyond the money to include the entire family in the new inheritance conversation as a new resource on generational wealth transfer and planning.

  • Keep the spouse and children as clients: Over 90% of heirs change advisors upon receiving their inheritance 
  • Retain the assets: The majority of unprepared families lose control of their assets and family cohesion in 1-3 generations after the estate transfer
  • Attract new affluent clients from competitors who are not prepared to retain them!

No matter how well advisors prepare the assets for heirs, advisors typically aren't aware of what families have done to prepare the heirs to receive and manage those assets . . . unless the advisor asks. To have this new and challenging conversation with the parents (typically the clients) before, during and after the wealth transfers, advisors need new knowledge, new training and new tools.

Advisors leave our training programs fully prepared to to differentiate their practices from competitors and grow their businesses as the trusted family advisor.

How well prepared are you to participate in The Great Wealth Transfer as a trusted family advisor? 

Take a moment to answer our 10-question Wealth Advisor Self-Assessment. Then, see how well you scored (see below) and what actions to take to ensure the longevity of your business.


Our Mission

We bring advisors and families closer together by providing advisors with tools, training and on-going support to prepare families for successful generational wealth transfer, and equipping advisors to attract, engage, and retain generations of affluent families.


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GOING BEYOND THE MONEY: Learn To Build Lasting Relationships With Generational Families

Whitepaper: Going Beyond the Money


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